Greetings! My name is Akilah and I am the founder and curator of Akilah Sekhemet (sek-met), a wellness and lifestyle company. I started this business because I could not ignore the calling on my life to become a healer. I was directed to heal myself and to also help other people achieve a level of wellness they never knew was possible. 

We are not meant to spend our lives sick, in pain or in a state of disease. We are supposed to feel well and we are supposed to be confortable in our own bodies! Chronic distress and disease is not a natural state of being. I don’t want this for myself and I don’t want that for anyone else either.

I started my own personal journey towards wellness around 2018. I was under an immense ammount of stress and i felt unstable. I had a lot to manage in my home and professional life. I was a student, mother/auntie with small children, caretaker, and birth worker. I was tired and irritated all of the time and I had physical symptoms that indicated something was not right. I knew that in order to cope with my circumstances, I would have to take better care of myself. I did not know where to start to I just started with baths every night. Even though I could not control my circumstances, I could manage to take the time to prepare a healing bath every night. No matter what I had to do or what I had going on, I would prepare a bath with epson salts, baking soda, and essential oils. This helped me feel better physically and it started to help lift some of the mental fog I was experiencing.

In 2019, I decided to address the physical symptoms I had been experiencing. In 2017 I began noticing excessive hair shedding and a strange rash that started small but began to spread accross my nose. Because I had so much going on in my life I ignored my symptoms and continued on with my very hectic life. It wasn’t until I went to get a short haircut that I really began to understand that severety of the symtoms I had ignored. I wanted to get a tappered cut and the barber told me that she did not want to cut it so short because I had a bald spot and it would show. I went home and processed what occured. I started to think of all the times I saw extra hair on the shower floor or the times that my head was tender but I had not experienced anything that would make it sore. After a few months of trying short hairstyles I shaved off all of my hair to see where I had bald spots. I then schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Blood tests and a skin biopsy showed I had markers for discoid and systemic lupus. A couple of years prior, a biology mentor noticed my rash and mentioned lupus. He gave me a recommendtion but I did not take action at that time.

After confirmation about my lupus, I visited my wholistic primary care doctor for guidance on how to to proceed.  I had already allowed the disease to progress for so long. I was advised to eat an anti-inflammatory diet and to take measures to address the stressors in my life. It was hard and it has taken me several years of trial and error.  

While on my healing journey, I have learned many invaluable lessons about what wholistic health really means and how to achieve it. I learned that for people to truly be whole, they must acheive a healthy body, mind, spirit, AND soul. I also learned that self-love was the key ingredient to achieving it all.

My desire is that I can help you on your healing journey by sharing some things that have helped me through mine. As I continue my journey to self-love and wholeness, I invite you to join me on the way.