Wholistic Brand Kit and Guide

Your branding tells the story of who you are and what your business stands for. It is more than just creating a logo or some templates for social media. Your brand speaks to your audience about who your are and how they should percieve you. It creates a connection with your audience that makes them feel compelled to patronize you. They key to developing a brand that stands out, creates loyal customers, and represents who you are at your core is to take a wholistic approach to developing your brand. We first start with the basics. The core of your brand is based upon your business mission, vision, and goals. After defining yourBy inccoporating your core values and the values of your customers, you can strengthen the fundation of your brand.

The Design Brief consult is our first call and it gives me a clear picture of your brand goals and design needs. In this session, we spend 90 minutes discussing your business vision and history, target audience, and design goals. Based upon our call, I will asses your business/brand needs and provide you with a design brief that outlines your needs and my recommendations.

The Design Brief is a document I prepare after our Design Brief Consult call. The documents outlines your business history and current goals, details about how you want your target audience to view your brand, your desired brand colors 

In this second call, we take a deep dive into your customer journey. We outline your ideal customer’s profile and identify their wants, needs, and pain points. We will then explore the ways you want to communicate and interact with your customers. 

In this 3rd Consult call we outline your ideal customer’s profile and complete a customer journey map that anticipates their actions, goals and experiences, feelings and thoughts, opportunities, and pain points. This information how you plan to communitcat with them and get their attention.

In this 4th call, we take a closer look at your brand color selection, fonts, logos and images, We will select the primary colors for your brand. We will select a primary and secondary font style, and explore options for your logo if you do not have one already. We will explore marketing materials and branded gifts you can give to your customers.

The Brand Kit and Guide is a document I prepare that outlines your brands colors, fonts, logos, images, and the directions and rules for their use. The brand kit and guide is helpful for your customers