Perinatal Services

My wholistic services are designed to prepare parents for conception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Having a baby IS a big deal and changes the dynamics of a household. Many families report feeling alone and unprepared for all the changes that having a baby brings. Hiring a doula is associated with families experiencing less stress and more satisfaction with their birth experience. I will support you on your journey so that you can feel prepared for and supported on your birth journey.

Holistic Fertility Doula Support

A Holistic Fertility Doula is a professionally trained person trained to support a woman during her preconception period to help prepare her body for pregnancy. The Holistic Fertility Doula supports natural remedies, recommendations, emotional support, and guidance during this time. A Holistic Fertility Doula is trained to look at varying factors that are prohibiting conception and make the necessary recommendations in specific areas to enhance the chances of fertility. There is no time limit in working with a woman during this period, unlike other aspects of Doula work. Holistic Fertility Doulas are not responsible for pregnancy outcomes. Must commit to a minimum of 3 months.

What's Included

• Intake session

• Informational support throughout the course of care  

• Access to 3-Part Reproduction Masterclass Series (Basics of Female Reproductive System, Basics of the Male Reproductive System, and Reproductive Hormone Regulation)    

• Monthly virtual call 

• Nutritional support and counseling   

• Food Log 

• Unlimited email support  

• Text message support  

Price: $250/Month

Personalized Birth Education (10 Sessions)

This Personalized Birth Education service is for parents who want a more personal birth education experience. After completing the sessions, you will feel more confident in your ability to make the best decisions for your family in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We meet virtually for 10 sessions. With this personalized service, you will be equipped with information and tools that support a wholistic birth experience. You will have the opportunity to discuss what is currently happening in your pregnancy in each session. Each visit is 60 minutes. 

Session Topics

Session 1: Physical, Mental & Spiritual Aspects of Birth 

Session 2: Nutrition in Pregnancy 

Session 3: Physical Fitness in Pregnancy   

Session 4: Self Advocacy Lesson   

Session 5: Supporting optimal fetal positioning   

Session 6: The Progression of Labor   

Session 7: Finding Comfort in Labor   

Session 8: Caring for a Newborn   

Session 9: Life and Lactation 

Session 10: Postpartum Planning

Price: $750

Labor Support Essentials

Families who receive Doula support have been shown to have more positive birth outcomes. Having a skilled birth professional by your side will help you feel more confident and informed. As your birth Doula, I will meet with you prenatally to discuss your birth plan and to teach you the essential things you need to know to be prepared for labor.

What's Included

Intake Session

2 Prenatal Visits

2 Postpartum Checks

Belly Binding

Postpartum Care Package

Price: $1200

Postpartum Support

Families who receive postpartum support services often have an easier time adjusting to the postpartum period. Eating, sleeping, and newborn care can be a challenge for new parents. I will help you adjust to life after having a baby and overcome challenges immediately postpartum.  Postpartum support is available from birth to 12 weeks postpartum.

Price: $50/hr

Save with a package: Purchasing a package saves you $15/hr

16-Hr Package: $560 

32-Hr Package: $960

The Whole Parent Package

The whole parent package allows parents to feel supported at all stages of their birth journey. With this package, you receive extended support prenatally, during labor, and in the postpartum period. I have personally selected the services I believe are essential to having a wholistic birth experience.

What's Included

Intake Session

Personalized Birth Education

Labor Support

Placenta Encapsulation + tincture + salve

2 Postpartum Check-Ins

16-Hours Postpartum Doula Support

Belly Binding

Postpartum Care Package

Price: $2995

Placenta Services

Experience the amazing healing properties of the placenta. Packed with nutrients, the placenta is a powerful tool for postpartum recovery. There are several ways to prepare the placenta for postpartum use. After careful preparation, it can be dehydrated and placed into capsules, it can be prepared as a tincture and it can be prepared into a salve. There are additional methods of preparation but we currently only provide these three.

Available Placenta Services


Encapsulation + tincture 

Encapsulation + salve

Encapsulation + tincture + salve

Price: Packages start at $350

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Birth Photography

Capture your birth journey through photography. Having a photograph is a great way to preserve the memories of your experience. It's great to be able to share pictures with family, friends, and your child as they get older.

Prenatal Family Session $145 

Birth Photography  Session $795

Newborn Family Session $145

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